About Us

Seven Was Created By Doers for Doers.

People wear what they believe in - what they represent. Our clothing is always an expression of who we are or what we're feeling. The number seven is the number of luck, life, and fulfillment. Using premium clothing and materials, we wanted to build something that represents what doers and dream achievers are proud to wear.
A clothing brand that holds you accountable everytime you see the mirror. This is Seven.

Feel Alive

7 is the Number of Life.

Find Your Luck

7 is the Number of Luck.


Inspire Others & Be Inspired

Seven Clothing Brand - Premium Clothing for Doers

Made in The USA

All of our clothing is fabricated and printed within The United States!

What will your Seven be?

Wear Seven as a reminder. Wear Seven as an achievement. Wear it to hold you accountable. Wear it to inspire others. Wear it while you're working on your dreams. Wear Seven to #MakeAStatement.